How does one write an “about me” page? Is it like writing a dating profile? I state my hobbies, sports, favorite foods and a romance flick and hope you don’t find me crazy? I never know how to write these things…

I grew up in Wisconsin, moved to Alaska, married Tommy, and landed in Hawaii. I regularly fly between the three and offer photography services in all locations! I honestly could never decide who is nicer or more fun to be around… a Hawaiian, a Midwesterner, or an Alaskan sitting on a warm beach!

I could talk for hours about American history, having worked as a staff historian for the Park Service. I could pull up at least 3 different modern painters whose art I’m dreaming of hanging in my family room or compare espresso, peanut sauté recipes, and road bikes.

I guess (much to my husband’s chagrin) I could also talk West Wing for hours, though we do try keep those tangents limited. 😉 So many loves and interests and only enough time for one thing- my job, passion, and the reason you’re here- photography.

 I have been photographing families and events for 6 years, having developed my first roll of film at age 17.  In the years I’ve been shooting professional photography, I have found my voice and a medium for my art- I shoot film photography!

My 3 Basic Objectives:


To photograph and style weddings & portraits that are both process driven and meaningful, creating images that reflect families’ own lives.


To ensure my photographs are cohesive, fine art, and the highest quality of heirlooms.


To share my experiences in travel and faith- stories of mountainous Alaskan hikes, motorbike tours through Vietnam, Hawaiian beaches, and Wisconsin summers- and reflect a senses of adventure and generosity in everything I do.


Wait, what? Do people still do that?

 Yes, film photography. The load your camera, wind it up, and develop the negatives in a lab kind of photography. It’s timeliness, the grain is irreplaceable, and the colors are amazing. These are images worthy of hanging on the wall besides your grandparent’s wedding photos from the 40’s and 50’s.

 For me, shooting film photography brings the artistry and personal nature of photography full circle. I enjoy more time with clients because I spend less time in front of a computer editing digital images. Boxes of Fuji and Portra film fill up my office refrigerator and I couldn’t be happier.

 Clients receive digital copies of the photos and there are multiple digital backups of the online galleries, of course, however the process itself is still the classic and dependable method from our childhood.



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